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[Pippa] Communication

NC-17 - Kitayama/Yokoo/Fujigaya (blink-and-miss-it mentions of MiyaTama and NiSen)
For imifumei! Happy birthday, Bri-neechan (though it's the 26th here now, but only by 25 minutes u_u) ♥ I love you a lot. Vix, thank you for the hand-holding ;A;

Yokoo doesn't really know how it started, only that nobody is talking about it. Not-talking about things, in Yokoo's experience, is never a good sign. Whether Kitayama and Fujigaya had argued isn't really up for debate - they seemed to thrive on competition - but it has left him in a very awkward situation.

He's tried to ask Fujigaya if anything is the matter, but all he gets is evasive replies and smiles that don't quite reach the eyes. Fujigaya is a horrible liar, and it feels painful to see him even try.

"What's happened?" he asks Kitayama, but Kitayama shakes his head a little, with a half-shrug that says he knows neither the answer nor how to tackle the question. There's a kind of withdrawn feeling in the air that Yokoo can't quite put his finger on, so he shifts on the couch and raises his arm, giving room for Kitayama to lean against him, head resting against Yokoo's chest. They don't make love, but when Fujigaya returns Kitayama acts like they have - not to be mean, never to be mean, but to try and draw some kind of response from Fujigaya, something more than a slightly glassy-eyed smile.

When there is no other reaction, the look on Kitayama's face is confused and lost. It's seen only by Yokoo, who imagines that his expression is the same.


"Na, Taipi," Tamamori speaks up as Fujigaya returns from A.B.C-Z's dressing room. "Micchan mentioned something about going to the spa this evening, like there's some kind of friends-discount or something? Are you going to be there?"

Fujigaya shakes his head, glancing at Tamamori in the mirror as he picks up a hair tie from the dresser. "Mm, nope. Fumi said there's this new okonomiyaki place opened up near his, so I've persuaded him to treat me when he's done getting changed. You guys should make the most of the deal! There's an odd number if we all go, after all." Fujigaya finishes tying his hair back, and digs his cellphone out of his bag to check for messages. "Ah! There we go. Yeah, catch you guys later." He flashes a bunny-ears peace sign over his shoulder as he walks out, and the room is quiet and still once more.

Tamamori looks at Miyata, who looks at Yokoo. Nobody says anything, but Yokoo figures that if other members are noticing then it's starting to affect the group, and that is no good.

Kitayama walks in, still towelling his hair dry after his shower. "Is Taisuke coming?" he asks, and the corners of his mouth twitch downwards a little when Yokoo shakes his head in the negative.

Miyata looks like he's about to say something when Nikaido and Senga barrel through the door, and whatever it was is lost in the laughter and sounds of Yokoo yelling at them to calm the fuck down before you break something! Again!


"I'm going to stay somewhere else tonight," Fujigaya announces before either Yokoo or Kitayama can get out a welcome back.

"Taisuke," Yokoo says. His voice is quiet but firm, and Fujigaya stops in the doorway to the bedroom, fingers reaching out to the side to touch the doorframe as if for reassurance. The muscles in Fujigaya's back seem tense underneath the black material of his tank top. "Taisuke," Yokoo says again, "come here. Just for a moment. We need to talk."

The last statement triggers a reaction from Fujigaya, and he turns around sharply, expression defensive. "I already know," he says, and Yokoo is startled into looking at Kitayama, like Kitayama understands any better than he does. "You don't have to tell me, or patronise me," Fujigaya says, not moving from his position in the doorway. "I already know. I've just come to get my things."

"Know what, Taipi?" Kitayama tilts his head slightly, questioning. "Where are you going?"

Some of the fight goes out of Fujigaya's stance at the sound of Kitayama's voice, and he doesn't look at either of them as he replies,

"You've had enough of me."

Kitayama is out of his chair even faster than Yokoo, and he pushes past Fujigaya, pulling him into the bedroom with Yokoo close behind. They have always had good conversations on Kitayama's bed - not just in the sexual sense but literally, too - staying up until the small hours of the morning. It follows naturally, then, that Kitayama and Yokoo should guide Fujigaya to the mattress and sit down either side of him.

"Is this what this is all about?" Kitayama asks, placing his hand on top of Fujigaya's hand, which is resting on Fujigaya's knee. Fujigaya twitches like he wants to move away, but instead he stays where he is. Kitayama glances across at Yokoo, who moves further back on the bed and crosses his legs. "Do you know how weird it's been, getting this silent treatment from you? Or what it's been like for Wataru?"

Fujigaya starts then, turning guiltily to look at Yokoo with an apologetic wince.

Yokoo looks back at Fujigaya, blank with incomprehension. "Where did you even get that idea from?" Yokoo asks. "How could you possibly think that we--?"

"I…" Fujigaya begins, then trails off. "You just seemed like you were perfectly happy without me. So, I thought--" he raises his voice over the beginning of Yokoo's protest, and continues, "so I thought … it would be best, you know? If I just… stepped back."

"So that there wouldn't be any problems, right?" No problems for the group, is what Kitayama really means, and they all know it. Fujigaya nods, then looks down. As soon as he says it aloud he realises how silly it sounds. No wonder Kawai had looked at him strangely when he'd mentioned wanting to stay over, earlier.

"You didn't think to talk to us about it?" Yokoo is torn between feeling surprised, hurt and guilty but veers more towards 'wretched' when Fujigaya's downturned face tints red from embarrassed misery.

"I… I know I should have," Fujigaya begins, the fingers of his left hand reaching out to touch Kitayama's fingers still gripping his right hand, "but I didn't want to actually… hear it, I guess." He looks up at Yokoo and gives a shaky smile. They're still new to this, with the three of them, so Yokoo supposes that bumps in the road are natural, but…

"Dumbass," Kitayama says with affection, nudging Fujigaya with his shoulder. "How could we not want you?" He gives a little half-grin. "It's way too quiet without you here."

"I'm sorry," Fujigaya says, rubbing his face with one hand as though to scrub the tiredness from his skin. "I shouldn't have let it get this big."

"I'd never want you to feel as though you were less important to me than Hiromitsu," Yokoo says, not moving from his seat further back on the mattress. "That's… That's not how it goes." From the expression on Kitayama's face he looks as though he wants to prove Fujigaya's importance physically, but Yokoo wants to - he needs to - sort this out properly, first. It's important to him. "We said this right at the beginning, remember? Nothing works without--"

"--communication," Fujigaya finishes, lips twitching into a self-deprecating grin. "You're right. Ne, Watta?" He reaches out towards Yokoo with his left hand, and as Yokoo finally shuffles towards Fujigaya he sees that the fingers of Fujigaya's right hand are interlinked with Kitayama's. Yokoo takes Fujigaya's hand, gripping tightly. "I'm sorry," Fujigaya says, kissing Yokoo's knuckles, seeking eye contact with Yokoo as he does so. It should be cheesy, but Yokoo feels himself melting, and from the smile that sparks in Fujigaya's eyes Yokoo supposes it's visible on his face, too. He leans forward then, and when Fujigaya tilts his face to meet Yokoo's kiss Yokoo figures that they're good with the talking, for now.

Kitayama clearly thinks so too; as Yokoo hears the sound of movement Fujigaya moans into Yokoo's mouth, and Yokoo opens his eyes to see Kitayama kneeling behind Fujigaya, nuzzling at Fujigaya's neck and kissing his way up to the patch of sensitive skin behind Fujigaya's ear. Yokoo pulls back and they reposition themselves, Kitayama leaning against the wall at the head of the bed and Fujigaya almost in his lap, his fingers lacing through Kitayama's hair as Kitayama licks at Fujigaya's jaw line and runs his fingers across a flash of skin exposed at Fujigaya's waist. Yokoo just watches, watches as Kitayama palms Fujigaya's hardening erection through his pants and Fujigaya reflexively spreads his legs a little, pushing up against the friction.

Yokoo supposes he must have made some kind of audible reaction then, because two pairs of eyes focus on him and as Fujigaya reaches out towards him, Kitayama leans to one side to grab lube, condoms and tissue from the bedside cabinet. Yokoo makes short work of Fujigaya's pants and underwear, running his hands up the inside of Fujigaya's thighs and inhaling sharply as Fujigaya raises his knees a little. As Yokoo's fingers ghost across the back of Fujigaya's thighs, Kitayama moves again, pushing Fujigaya's tank top out of the way to place kisses across Fujigaya's chest. Kitayama nudges the lube towards Yokoo with one hand as he licks at Fujigaya's erection, and Yokoo obligingly coats his fingers, hand sliding between Fujigaya's legs.

It doesn't take too long before Fujigaya is cursing and twisting beneath them, chest heaving with the effort of not thrusting up into the wet heat of Kitayama's mouth and hands clutching at the bedsheets, at Kitayama's shoulder, anything, as Yokoo's long fingers stroke inside him. "…Let me," Fujigaya gasps, except he doesn't really know what, just something. Kitayama is struggling not to grind against the mattress, and with his free hand Yokoo tugs at Kitayama, pulling him up until their lips meet.

Fujigaya whines as the two of them kiss, the thought of Yokoo kissing Kitayama who tastes of him inexplicably hot and - oh - then Kitayama turns back and moves back up the bed to kiss Fujigaya too, and Fujigaya can feel Kitayama's erection through the other man's pants, firm against Fujigaya's hip. His hands fumble with Kitayama's clothing until Kitayama helps, and then Kitayama's cock is in Fujigaya's hand, hot and smooth and Yokoo is - ahh! "Watta, Wataru, please, I'm ready…"

Yokoo wipes his slick hand on a tissue so he can open the foil packet without too much difficulty, but the way the muscles of Kitayama's thighs flex as his hips thrust into Fujigaya's fist is hugely distracting and he fumbles for a moment before finally gripping Fujigaya's knee and positioning himself. Kitayama's face is flushed but he puts a hand on Fujigaya's wrist to still him as Yokoo slowly pushes inside, and both Yokoo and Fujigaya groan as Yokoo buries himself in Fujigaya's tight heat.

"You believe us, don't you, Taisuke?" Yokoo manages to gasp, gripping Fujigaya's shin as he helps Fujigaya rest his ankles on Yokoo's shoulders. "It's not just this, it's…"

"Yes," Fujigaya gasps, rubbing his thumb over the head of Kitayama's cock as Kitayama thrusts into his fist again. "I get it, now hurry up."

Kitayama looks as though he wants to laugh at how demanding Fujigaya is being, but then Fujigaya twists his wrist as he moves and suddenly all Kitayama can do is moan into Fujigaya's collarbone. Yokoo can't tear his eyes away from the two of them, and when a shallow thrust makes Fujigaya tip his head back and make that noise Yokoo is fairly convinced that none of them are going to last very much longer.

"Taisuke," Kitayama grunts, words stuttering as he gets close, "touch yourself too."

"You," Fujigaya says, because he can't manage any more words. Then, "please." As Kitayama feels his way down Fujigaya's torso to wrap around Fujigaya's cock, Yokoo's hand joins Kitayama's and as their hands move together Fujigaya's whole body tightens. Yokoo isn't sure who comes first, Kitayama or Fujigaya, but their come spatters in streaks across Fujigaya's stomach and chest and then with an intensity that almost frightens him Yokoo comes too, trembling and hot like white noise and static and everything.


In the morning Fujigaya is glad that Yokoo insisted they showered and changed the sheets the night before; nestled between the solid warmth of Kitayama's sleeping body and Yokoo's slim frame he doesn't much feel like moving at all. As soon as Yokoo realises Fujigaya is awake he slides his hand across under the covers to give Fujigaya's hand a brief good morning squeeze before resting his hand on Fujigaya's hip, fingers slowly tracing gentle circles over Fujigaya's skin.

Fujigaya's cellphone buzzes and jangles with the noise of a new mail and Kitayama snuffles quietly but otherwise has no reaction. Yokoo sighs, since he's closest, and sits up to grab Fujigaya's pants and dig the cellphone from the pocket. He hands it over to Fujigaya, whose features are still soft from sleep, and sinks back down against the mattress. He rolls onto his side and slides one arm across Fujigaya's stomach, head resting against Fujigaya's shoulder as Fujigaya reads the new message.

It makes Fujigaya give a little huff of amusement, and Yokoo opens his eyes again, squinting as Fujigaya quickly taps out a reply.

From: Fumi-kyun

Taipi, morning!
since you didn't come over last night in the end,
I guess you managed to sort things out after all!
See you later~

To: Fumi-kyun

I guess I forgot to let you know . . .
It seems I was stupid a lot yesterday!
I got a little distracted . . .
But everything's okay now! ♥

Fujigaya folds his phone shut and tucks it out of the way under the pillow, relaxing against Yokoo again. In his sleep, Kitayama shifts closer and nuzzles his face against Fujigaya's shoulder as the morning light shines into the room.
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