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[Vix] Cider With Pin

Cider With Rosie Pin
Jin/Ueda/Yamapi ; NC17
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Jin is in the kitchen when Yamapi bellows a tadaima from the doorway and they kick off their boots.

"It's about time you came home!" He shouts back, slamming the refrigerator door carelessly, "I should make you wait so long next time you want to have se-" His eyes take in both of the occupants of the hallway, "... Uebo. Um, hi."

Ueda bows his head in greeting, and sees Jin flush right up to the tips of his ears, a matching shade gracing Yamapi's cheeks.

"We were training at the gym together, so I invited Ueda-kun back for food," Yamapi explains, "I didn't think you'd mind."

The disappointment is evident in Jin's eyes - he'd probably been looking forward to a night alone, doing all the things (one thing, really) they thought no-one knew they got up to together - but on sight of the take-out bag hanging from Yamapi's grasp, all is automatically forgiven and forgotten.


The food eaten and cleared away, the trio retire to the sofa, all suitably full and unwilling to move. The alcohol is certainly not in short supply, and flows freely between them all until Jin is lolling on top of Yamapi, grinning stupidly at the way the other two keep looking at each other and bursting into ridiculous fits of giggles.

He leans a little too far and Ueda cringes as he slips, elbow landing in Yamapi's crotch. The other man yelps and curls up protectively, shoving Jin off of him with a curse.

"I'm sorry!" Jin pouts, leaning back in to nuzzle at Yamapi's cheek in apology, "I didn't mean to hurt you!"

Yamapi glares halfheartedly but can't seem to keep it up with the way Jin's easing closer to his mouth with each nudge. When Jin finally kisses him, it's just a soft brush of lips, but it rapidly turns into something far more messy and desperate as they forget about Ueda.

Had he not had that last bottle of beer, Ueda was sure he'd have told them to take it somewhere else, and left them to it. As it is, he finds himself rather entranced by the way Jin seems to be trying to crawl into Yamapi's mouth tongue-first, easing himself slowly into the other man's lap.

Ueda's sure he should feel worse for watching them than he does, but it's not exactly his fault when they're putting on one hell of a show for him. Jin's fingers are easing under the cotton of Yamapi's shirt, pushing it up above his waist so that those long fingers can hold onto him firmly. Yamapi's own hands creep around Jin's back, fisting in the t-shirt fabric to stop him moving away.

He makes a needy little noise into Jin's mouth when the other man shifts above him, and the sound alone has Ueda feeling a little hot under the collar. He can just about see the way Jin smirks against Yamapi's lips, tearing his mouth away as he shifts again so that this time Yamapi's whimper is not hindered in any way.

As Yamapi gets steadily more vocal, muffled again by Jin crushing their mouths back together, Jin's grinding gets more pronounced, and from his vantage point Ueda can see Yamapi's hands flexing sporadically in the back of Jin's shirt.

When Yamapi breaks the kiss, tossing his head back against the sofa, Jin takes the opportunity to swoop down on his neck, mouthing at it in a way that has Yamapi's hands relocating to the back of his head, fingers threading through the hair to stop him pulling away. His throaty groan as Jin apparently hits him just right makes Ueda throb, belatedly realising just how hard he's gotten, and it feels entirely natural to palm himself through his jeans, hissing through his teeth at the friction.

The noise draws Yamapi's attention, eyes flickering over to where Ueda is sprawled in the armchair, and they widen in remembrance.

"Jin-" he mutters, eyelids fluttering when Jin's fingers slide inside the waistband of his loose sweatpants, "Jin, Ueda, he-"

"Seems to be enjoying himself as much as we are." Jin's voice is slurred with alcohol and muffled by Yamapi's flesh, but Ueda hears him loud and clear. Just thinking about Jin knowing he was watching has Ueda pressing down harder, especially when Yamapi's eyes fall closed again, both of them too lost in each other to really care about him watching them.

By the time Jin's gotten Yamapi out of the rest of his clothes, Ueda has a hand around himself, any guilt or embarrassment he knows he should be feeling overpowered by the need to come. Yamapi has a gorgeous body, this isn't news to Ueda - he's seen (and admired) Yamapi shirtless countless times, his body toned and curved, muscles bulky where Ueda's are slender. But this is different, watching that body arch towards Jin's touch, muscles shifting and rippling beneath his skin as he strains for more. This has Ueda's blood reaching boiling point, too hot where it rushes through his veins, bringing him out in a light sweat as he strokes from base to tip, matching the pace Jin sets with his own hand on Yamapi's cock.

If the way Yamapi is moaning and writhing like an animal in heat is anything to go by, Jin knows exactly what to do to make him feel good, and before Ueda really realises it, he's watching Yamapi come, thick streams of white against smooth, tanned skin. Jin swoops down on his mouth and swallows down everything that, unmuffled, would probably have woken the neighbours several floors down. He continues to kiss him as Yamapi comes down, the kisses slowing and breath evening out until the two of them are sharing a barely-there drag of lips-on-lips, the occasional hint of a swiping tongue flashing between them. Tissues are produced from one of the many side tables to clean Yamapi's stomach and Jin's hand, and the pair share another lazy kiss as Jin settles back against the sofa and Yamapi slides down between his knees.

Ueda watches as Yamapi pulls Jin's jeans down around his hips and then, without any preamble, takes his length between his lips. He gasps along with Jin, hips bucking up in to his own fist, and Jin's eyes meet his own, the other man's gaze dark and half-lidded. Ueda licks his lips nervously, and he can see Jin's hard swallow.

"Uebo..." He murmurs, voice husky and even deeper than normal, and he doesn't need to explain further for Ueda to slip from his chair and join Yamapi on the floor. The other man's lips are stretched wide, glistening with saliva as he bobs his head, dragging his mouth slowly up Jin's flesh before swallowing him down again. Ueda nudges him with his knee as he scoots closer, and Yamapi's eyes flicker between Ueda's flushed cheeks and hard length before backing off with a soft slurp that has Jin's hips trying to follow him.

Wetting his lips, Ueda leans in, tongue flickering out over the head before he presses it against the sensitive spot just beneath it. Jin's breathing is coming heavier now, and Ueda lifts his gaze to meet the other man's, feels the flesh on his tongue twitch as their eyes lock. The power he feels is intoxicating, being trusted with something so delicate, and he draws Jin into his mouth with a mischievous smirk. He takes it slow, going inch by inch until any deeper would choke him, and pauses for breath, blinking up at Jin from between his legs. The other man sucks in a breath, swelling even more between his lips, and Ueda feels a small burst of satisfaction - he might not be as talented as Yamapi with his mouth, but it's certainly not his first time on his knees.

The salty-sweet taste of Jin on his tongue is something Ueda thinks he could get used to, as is the way Jin sighs out his pleasure when Ueda starts to move back and forth. He's torn between seeing just how quickly he can make Jin lose himself, or drawing it out a little - this was hardly a situation he thinks he'll get to be in again - but when Jin's thigh shudders beneath his hand and his own length throbs between his legs, demanding attention, Ueda decides they've both waited long enough. He trails his fingers gently up the back of Jin's thigh, free hand pulling the other man forward a little more to give him easier access, and one fingertip teases around Jin's entrance as he sucks that little bit harder, cheeks hollowing out.

Jin gasps and jerks against him, one hand clutching at Ueda's shoulder. Just as Ueda is beginning to wonder where Yamapi has gone, his hand is being withdrawn from between Jin's thighs and his Yamapi is slicking his fingers before nudging Ueda's hand back again. The first finger slides home easily, both men sucking in a long breath - Jin through his mouth, Ueda, his nose - at the feeling. Jin is hot and tight around him, muscles clenching reflexively against the intrusion but pulling it in further all the same. As Ueda is working in a second finger, letting Jin's hand curl around his neck to guide the pace, arms encircle Ueda's waist, going straight for their prize.

Ueda's soft grunt is muffled by Jin's length, and it takes him a moment to get the rhythm back with Yamapi stroking him purposefully. The other man flattens himself against Ueda's back, chin resting on his shoulder, and Ueda finds Yamapi's body restricting his movement, unable to keep bobbing his head without headbutting Yamapi in the face. It doesn't seem to matter though, as Jin takes over, head tipped back and jaw slack as he pushes up into Ueda's mouth and down onto his fingers. Ueda does what he can, curling his fingers and sucking that little bit harder, but it's getting difficult with the way Yamapi is twisting his wrist and thumbing at the head with every stroke, breath teasing across his earlobe.

He can feel it creeping down his spine, toes beginning to curl against the carpet, but Ueda is determined not to give in yet, not before Jin. The harder he tries though, the more difficult it gets, every soft gasp and hiss from Jin and huff of breath from Yamapi pushing him closer and closer. He knows Jin is almost there too, can feel it in the way his fingers flex against Ueda's neck, the desperation in every roll of his hips, but in the end, Yamapi pushes him off of the edge first.

"Relax," he mutters, voice still slightly raspy from his orgasm rumbling in Ueda's ear, "Stop holding back."

And the moment Ueda does, it's all over, white light bursting behind his eyelids and engulfing him in a rush of undiluted pleasure. He cries out around Jin's flesh, tongue pressing against the head, and Jin's whole body shivers as Ueda presses against the right spot inside of him, choking on his breath as he comes.

Ueda doesn't even have the strength to grimace as he swallows it down, body falling limp against Jin's legs. Yamapi helpfully eases his fingers out of Jin's body and maneuvers him up onto the sofa, where Jin promptly collapses against his shoulder. More tissues clean them both up, and eventually Yamapi is joining them, shoving Jin to the side and ignoring his groan of protest as he wriggles in between them and covers them over with the throw conveniently hung over the back of the sofa.

Yamapi's shoulder might not be the most comfortable of pillows Ueda's ever had, but when the other man wraps an arm around his shoulders, Ueda decides it's better than any bed he's slept in before. He feels Jin nuzzling in closer on Yamapi's other side, and when his bandmate plants a lazy kiss on his lips, he wonders if maybe they'd be up for round two before he leaves in the morning.
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